Marc Garneau's statement on the end of his Liberal leadership bid

Marc Garneau drops out of the Liberal leadership race

Marc Garneau’s statement on his withdrawal from the Liberal leadership race.

But it is my opinion now, based on internal analysis, the Party has chosen. Justin Trudeau is the person Liberals want to see as the new leader of our party and I recognize that and congratulate him. The number of new signups, the external polls and my own internal polling show that I have a solid base of support and that I am the Party’s leading second choice, but ultimately, I am second. Justin is poised for a decisive victory and it is time now for me to down tools.

I congratulate my fellow candidates. They deserve to be recognized for stepping forward in what is a very demanding process. I have made my message clear – the party must be clear on where it stands and where it wants to lead. There is a significant portion of Liberal party members and supporters that supported my message. In speaking with Justin, I know he understands and that message has been received. I look forward to working with him on that.