Justin Trudeau: Beyond the decibels/decimals

The presumptive Liberal leader explains himself, asks for money

Here is Mr. Trudeau’s full interview with Tom Clark, including the hotly contested moment in which he might have said decibels when he should have said decimals, which seems to have been deemed a matter of profound import on Twitter yesterday.

At just after 5pm on Saturday, the following email went out to supporters of the Trudeau campaign.

Friend —

Over the past number of months we have offered Canadians proof that politics can be done differently — that it can be positive, trustworthy, and inclusive.

We owe this success to you and your willingness to be a part of this change. Your hard work, your support, your generous donations — but most importantly, your willingness to share our message of hope with others.

Now, we need to make sure that message isn’t drowned out by negative advertising and cynical attacks — and that’s going to take more money than we have right now.

I need you to make a donation today, no matter what size. We need to be ready, and we need to demonstrate our resolve.

After what I saw in Toronto today, I know we can make this happen. Our strength and success over the next week — and over the coming months — depends on you:
Thanks for being a part of this.


That followed a similar plea that went out last Wednesday, following a report that the Conservatives were prepared to attack.