Justin Trudeau heralds demise of 'hyphenated Liberals'

Trudeau: ‘The era of hyphenated Liberals ends right here’

Justin Trudeau used his victory speech to advise Liberals that there is no place for rifts in the party. On stage in front of former prime ministers Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin, the new leader of the Liberal party said it is time for the party to move on.

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‘I don’t care if you thought my father was great or arrogant…the era of hyphenated Liberals ends right now.’ – Justin Trudeau #lpcldrjian ghomeshi
Death to hyphens! #LPCldrTrue Grit
With martin and chretien in the room, @JustinTrudeau tells ’em "the era of hyphenated liberals ends right here." #lpcldr #cdnpoliSteve Paikin
The era of hyphenated Liberals ends… because I got all the votes. Mwahahaha!!aaronwherry
Best Trudeau line: no hyphenated LiberalsLou Clancy
So proud to be an un-hyphenated Liberal! #lpc #lpcldr #cdnpoliDarran Fernandez
And cue the quipsters: 
Wait, if Trudeau wants to do away with hyphenated Liberals can I no longer call myself Sensual-Liberal?Steve Murray
Congrats to the Chretien-Martin-Dion-Ignatieff-Trudeau Liberals for electing your new Leader!Tony Clement
On behalf of the Hyphenated Liberal Faction, I am offended.Warren Kinsella
Ah, take the hyphens! You’re on notice, semicolonated Liberals!Kyle
What I learned today: Justin Trudeau didn’t come back for hyphenated-liberals. Take that, hyphens. #cdnpoliDan Woynillowicz
Please Justin Trudeau, don’t stop with hyphens. Liberate our colons as well!Brad Fraser