Live coverage of the NDP leadership convention -

Live coverage of the NDP leadership convention

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In the wake of the Orange Wave and seven months after the death of Jack Layton, the NDP arrived at a dramatic moment of choice this weekend. New Democrats select their seventh leader and will have the proceedings covered with the latest blogs and comprehensive coverage from start to finish. Paul Wells, John Geddes, Aaron Wherry, Mitchel Raphael and Alex Ballingall are on hand at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with instant news, results and analysis, from the blogs to Twitter.

For further background reading, here’s a sample of our best musings on the leadership contest so far, as well as interviews with the candidates (except, you’ll surely notice, Thomas Mulcair, who managed to dodge our best efforts to have a chat):

Blog Posts:

Paul Wells on why Mulcair will probably win and why the 2015 faceoff between the Conservatives and the NDP will be about energy and the environment, Aaron Wherry on figuring out what Jack Layton’s legacy actually is, and John Geddes on how Jack Layton’s mother jumped into the fray.


Aaron Wherry and Gabriela Perdomo in conversation with Brian Topp, Peggy Nash, Martin Singh, Niki Ashton, Paul Dewar and Nathan Cullen.

From the magazine:

Thomas Mulcair is Mr. Angry – His aggressive style stands up to Harper. It could win him the NDP leadership race.

Peggy Nash’s not-so-long shot at the NDP leadership – The Toronto MP pitches government as the great job protector

Does Brian Topp have the chops to lead the NDP? – The party’s consummate backroom strategist must show he has what it takes

How Paul Dewar hopes to avoid being lost in translation – Paul Wells on why there’s more to the NDP leadership hopeful than poor French

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