Maclean's Live: The public safety committee scrutinizes Bill C-51

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The parliamentary committee challenged to scrutinize Bill C-51 isn’t clothing optional, which wouldn’t be worth mentioning but for a protester’s having taken exception to that dress code in the House of Commons earlier today.

No, you aren’t likely to find those kinds of theatrics at the House public safety committee. But you will find the more standard political theatre that comes with a government determined to pass its anti-terror legislation and an opposition equally devoted to opposite ends. We’ll livestream this evening’s committee meeting, which features Salim Mansur, a political science professor at Carleton University; Stephen Anderson, the executive director of OpenMedia and spokesman for the Protect Our Privacy coalition; Sukanya Pillay, executive director and general counsel at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association; Connie Fournier, founder of Free Dominion; Garth Davies, a criminology professor at Simon Fraser University; former senator Hugh Segal; Louise Vincent, the widow of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent; and Christian Leuprecht, Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada. Notably absent from that witness list is the National Firearms Association, which pulled itself from the list before the meeting.

We’ll start our livestream at 7 p.m. ET. Watch below.