Marlene Jennings is sorry

An apology, of sorts, offered after Question Period yesterday.

Mr. Speaker, during the course of question period, I allowed my emotions to take over the calm, studied aspect of my personality that I am usually able to exhibit. The Minister of National Defence, responding to a question, in his typical fashion was going down to the lowest common denominator … In the heat and the anger at listening to the Minister of National Defence make his comments, I called him a “slime”. I wish to unreservedly withdraw my remarks calling the minister a slime and offer him my sincere apology for having called him a slime. It was unparliamentary. I apologize unreservedly.

John Baird, the government House leader, pronounced his disappointment with this and noted that the various House leaders have been making some effort to enforce calm on the proceedings. Indeed, there have been noticeable attempts at shushing of late—most notably on the part of Gordon O’Connor, the old general and now government whip, who will periodically rise from his seat and walk over to the spot of a heckler to have a brief word with the offender.