Mike Duffy's lawyer to make closing arguments

Verdict expected in mid-April

OTTAWA – Mike Duffy’s lawyer will present his final thoughts in the case against his client today.

Donald Bayne and the Crown have already submitted hundreds of pages spelling out their lengthy closing arguments about the 31 charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery that Duffy faces.

The two sides are using closing arguments to hammer home some of their key arguments before Judge Charles Vaillancourt considers the 61 days of testimony he has heard since last April.

Vaillancourt is expected to reserve judgment; outside the courthouse, he said today it will likely be “mid-April” before he delivers a verdict, a date that will be set in conjunction with the lawyers.

On Monday, the Crown argued Duffy played fast and loose with both the facts and taxpayer dollars for the sake of his own reputation.

Duffy has claimed throughout the trial that he did not break the law and that he was operating under a Senate expense system saddled with complex rules and lax oversight. He has pleaded not guilty to all 31 charges.