Miller responds

A serious-looking David Miller—hands firmly gripping the sides of the lectern, arms straight, the studio lights unhelpfully casting shadows across his face—has addressed reporters here at the international media centre, expressing what he said was a mix of anger, outrage and sadness. The individuals responsible for violence in Toronto this afternoon came here, he said, with the intention of inciting violence and did just that. He referred to the perpetrators as “criminals”—”I will not dignify their activities by calling them protesters.” He noted that peaceful protests take place here everyday, and at one point he referred to the events today as “unToronto.”

He commended the police forces and dismissed those who suggested police should have done more to stem the violence. He had previously stated his opposition to the summit site in downtown Toronto—the mayor would have rather it been staged on the exhibition grounds—but dismissed a request to reflect on that stance given today’s events. He assured residents that, while the core should be avoided for the moment, the city is safe and police are pursuing the wrongdoers. He maintained that none of today’s troubles will detract from the successful story his city has to tell.