Mind the gap? I bet Peter Donolo does: Attempting to explain the "sideways Ekos V"

The “sideways Ekos V” is what you get if you tilt your head to the right and look at the CBC-Ekos poll results for party preference since about January 10, and especially if you look at the results over the past five weeks. In the New Year, Conservatives and Liberals were trading at rough parity, but since then the Liberals are trading at a substantial discount.

Today’s question: How come? Speculation welcome in the comments below. But BE NICE to one another! Snide, boring, predictable personal swipes at fellow commentators are not what I’m asking for. I do think it’s fair to contrast the results over the past couple of months with the dominant news narratives: detainee documents, Speaker’s ruling, Guergis on the teevee, etc. etc. etc. Oh: and if Frank Graves is a secret Liberal plant, then clearly his strategy is to lull the government into a false sense of euphoria. And it’s working!

Anyway. Do try to be pleasant to one another as you share theories, guesses and hunches.