Motion 312 is defeated

Motion 312 has been defeated in the House of Commons by a vote of 203-91.

By my count, four Liberals supported the motion—Jim Karygiannis, John McKay, Lawrence MacAulay and Kevin Lamoureux. That would mean 87 Conservatives voted in favour. I counted some number of cabinet ministers among those Conservatives.

I’ll post the full roll call once it is released.

Update 7:37pm. And here is the alphabetical roll call.

yea/pour Ablonczy
nay/contre Adams
nay/contre Adler
nay/contre Aglukkaq
nay/contre Albas
yea/pour Albrecht
nay/contre Alexander
yea/pour Allen (Tobique—Mactaquac)
nay/contre Allen (Welland)
yea/pour Allison
yea/pour Ambler
yea/pour Ambrose
yea/pour Anders
yea/pour Anderson
nay/contre Andrews
nay/contre Angus
nay/contre Armstrong
nay/contre Ashfield
nay/contre Ashton
nay/contre Aspin
nay/contre Atamanenko
nay/contre Aubin
nay/contre Ayala
nay/contre Baird
nay/contre Bateman
nay/contre Bélanger
nay/contre Bellavance
nay/contre Bennett
yea/pour Benoit
nay/contre Benskin
yea/pour Bergen
nay/contre Bernier
nay/contre Bevington
yea/pour Bezan
nay/contre Blanchette
nay/contre Blanchette-Lamothe
nay/contre Blaney
yea/pour Block
nay/contre Boivin
nay/contre Borg
yea/pour Boughen
nay/contre Boulerice
nay/contre Boutin-Sweet
nay/contre Brahmi
nay/contre Braid
yea/pour Breitkreuz
nay/contre Brison
nay/contre Brosseau
yea/pour Brown (Barrie)
yea/pour Brown (Leeds—Grenville)
yea/pour Brown (Newmarket—Aurora)
yea/pour Bruinooge
nay/contre Butt
nay/contre Byrne
nay/contre Calandra
yea/pour Calkins
yea/pour Cannan
nay/contre Carmichael
nay/contre Caron
yea/pour Carrie
nay/contre Casey
nay/contre Cash
nay/contre Charlton
nay/contre Chicoine
nay/contre Chisholm
nay/contre Chisu
yea/pour Chong
nay/contre Choquette
nay/contre Chow
nay/contre Christopherson
yea/pour Clarke
nay/contre Cleary
nay/contre Clement
nay/contre Comartin
nay/contre Côté
nay/contre Crowder
nay/contre Cullen
nay/contre Cuzner
nay/contre Daniel
yea/pour Davidson
nay/contre Davies (Vancouver East)
nay/contre Davies (Vancouver Kingsway)
nay/contre Day
nay/contre Dechert
yea/pour Del Mastro
yea/pour Devolin
nay/contre Dewar
nay/contre Dionne Labelle
nay/contre Doré Lefebvre
yea/pour Dreeshen
nay/contre Dubé
nay/contre Duncan (Edmonton—Strathcona)
nay/contre Duncan (Etobicoke North)
nay/contre Duncan (Vancouver Island North)
nay/contre Dusseault
nay/contre Dykstra
nay/contre Easter
nay/contre Eyking
yea/pour Fantino
yea/pour Fast
nay/contre Findlay (Delta—Richmond East)
nay/contre Finley (Haldimand—Norfolk)
nay/contre Flaherty
nay/contre Fletcher
nay/contre Foote
nay/contre Freeman
nay/contre Fry
yea/pour Galipeau
yea/pour Gallant
nay/contre Garneau
nay/contre Garrison
nay/contre Genest
nay/contre Genest-Jourdain
nay/contre Giguère
nay/contre Gill
nay/contre Glover
nay/contre Godin
nay/contre Goguen
yea/pour Goldring
nay/contre Goodale
nay/contre Goodyear
nay/contre Gosal
nay/contre Gourde
nay/contre Gravelle
yea/pour Grewal
nay/contre Groguhé
nay/contre Harper
yea/pour Harris (Cariboo—Prince George)
nay/contre Harris (Scarborough Southwest)
nay/contre Harris (St. John’s East)
nay/contre Hassainia
yea/pour Hawn
yea/pour Hayes
yea/pour Hiebert
yea/pour Hillyer
nay/contre Hoback
nay/contre Holder
nay/contre Hsu
nay/contre Hughes
nay/contre Hyer
nay/contre Jacob
yea/pour James
yea/pour Jean
yea/pour Kamp (Pitt Meadows—Maple Ridge—Mission)
yea/pour Karygiannis
nay/contre Keddy (South Shore—St. Margaret’s)
nay/contre Kellway
yea/pour Kenney (Calgary Southeast)
nay/contre Kent
nay/contre Kerr
yea/pour Komarnicki
nay/contre Kramp (Prince Edward—Hastings)
yea/pour Lake
yea/pour Lamoureux
nay/contre Lapointe
nay/contre Larose
nay/contre Latendresse
yea/pour Lauzon
nay/contre Laverdière
nay/contre Lebel
nay/contre LeBlanc (Beauséjour)
nay/contre LeBlanc (LaSalle—Émard)
nay/contre Leef
nay/contre Leitch
yea/pour Lemieux
nay/contre Leslie
nay/contre Leung
nay/contre Liu
yea/pour Lizon
yea/pour Lobb
yea/pour Lukiwski
yea/pour Lunney
yea/pour MacAulay
nay/contre MacKay (Central Nova)
nay/contre MacKenzie
nay/contre Mai
nay/contre Marston
nay/contre Martin
nay/contre Masse
nay/contre Mathyssen
nay/contre May
yea/pour Mayes
nay/contre McCallum
yea/pour McColeman
nay/contre McGuinty
yea/pour McKay (Scarborough—Guildwood)
nay/contre McLeod
nay/contre Menegakis
nay/contre Menzies
yea/pour Merrifield
nay/contre Michaud
yea/pour Miller
nay/contre Moore (Abitibi—Témiscamingue)
yea/pour Moore (Fundy Royal)
nay/contre Moore (Port Moody—Westwood—Port Coquitlam)
nay/contre Morin (Chicoutimi—Le Fjord)
nay/contre Morin (Laurentides—Labelle)
nay/contre Morin (Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine)
nay/contre Morin (Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot)
nay/contre Mourani
nay/contre Mulcair
nay/contre Murray
nay/contre Nantel
nay/contre Nash
nay/contre Nicholls
nay/contre Nicholson
yea/pour Norlock
nay/contre Nunez-Melo
nay/contre Obhrai
nay/contre O’Connor
yea/pour O’Neill Gordon
yea/pour Opitz
nay/contre Pacetti
nay/contre Papillon
nay/contre Paradis
nay/contre Patry
yea/pour Payne
nay/contre Péclet
yea/pour Penashue
nay/contre Perreault
nay/contre Pilon
nay/contre Plamondon
yea/pour Poilievre
nay/contre Preston
nay/contre Quach
nay/contre Rae
nay/contre Raitt
yea/pour Rajotte
yea/pour Rathgeber
nay/contre Ravignat
nay/contre Raynault
nay/contre Regan
nay/contre Reid
nay/contre Rempel
nay/contre Richards
nay/contre Rickford
yea/pour Ritz
nay/contre Rousseau
nay/contre Sandhu
nay/contre Saxton
nay/contre Scarpaleggia
nay/contre Schellenberger
nay/contre Scott
yea/pour Seeback
nay/contre Sellah
nay/contre Sgro
yea/pour Shea
yea/pour Shipley
nay/contre Shory
nay/contre Simms (Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor)
nay/contre Sims (Newton—North Delta)
nay/contre Sitsabaiesan
nay/contre Smith
nay/contre Sopuck
yea/pour Sorenson
nay/contre Stanton
nay/contre St-Denis
nay/contre Stewart
nay/contre Stoffer
yea/pour Storseth
yea/pour Strahl
nay/contre Sullivan
yea/pour Sweet
nay/contre Thibeault
nay/contre Tilson
yea/pour Toet
nay/contre Toone
nay/contre Tremblay
yea/pour Trost
nay/contre Trottier
nay/contre Trudeau
nay/contre Truppe
nay/contre Turmel
yea/pour Tweed
nay/contre Uppal
nay/contre Valcourt
nay/contre Valeriote
yea/pour Van Kesteren
yea/pour Van Loan
yea/pour Vellacott
nay/contre Wallace
yea/pour Warawa
yea/pour Warkentin
yea/pour Watson
yea/pour Weston (Saint John)
yea/pour Weston (West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country)
nay/contre Wilks
yea/pour Williamson
yea/pour Wong
yea/pour Woodworth
nay/contre Yelich
yea/pour Young (Oakville)
nay/contre Young (Vancouver South)
yea/pour Zimmer