Music: Haydn and everything after

Two episodes from my occasional attempts to figure music out, and share my discoveries with the curious:

• From the magazine, my article about the 16th International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. In six days in the Polish capital I heard 13 hours of Chopin’s music in live performance. If you start playing the Polonaise-Fantaisie I can now hum along.

• From the National Arts Centre, a recording of a talk I gave before the Sept. 22 concert of the NAC Orchestra. The occasion was the launch of the orchestra’s week-long Mozart-Haydn Festival, so my talk was about the friendship between Mozart and Haydn. Obviously the audience for such a thing is not vast, but I’m as proud of this talk as I am of anything else I did this year.

Having exhausted the escape routes, I now plan to focus more on Parliament and Canadian politics, at least until the new year.