Trump targets Canadian dairy: Crosstalk live

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Here’s what’s on the agenda this week:

Donald Trump smacks down Canadian dairy. The U.S. president chose America’s Dairyland—that is, Wisconsin—to target Canadian producers who he said benefit from “unfair” rules. The veiled threat was the latest salvo in a simmering cross-border debate about how Canada, the U.S. and Mexico can renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement that Trump spent much of his campaign maligning. So what’s next for continental trade? And what if Canada said no to renegotiation?

Liberals move to legalize pot. After the Liberals tabled a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana last week, questions popped up. How will the provinces get in line with the law? Can a possible crackdown on impaired driving survive a court challenge? Why is there so little data on the relationship between race and drug-related arrests? And will Canadian pot smokers really move away from the black market?

The clock ticks on Tory leadership. In a little more than a month, federal Conservatives will have a new leader. Will they elect a candidate who can beat Justin Trudeau in 2019? Chatelaine took the temperature of Tory youth in advance of the convention to come on May 27. But which of their preferred hopefuls will rise to the top?

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