Naming the anti-Canadians

As promised, the Conservative press office has begun its critic-by-critic denunciation of the NDP shadow cabinet. First up: the diabolically ideological Nathan Cullen.

Mr. Mulcair chose to promote activists who have lobbied against Canada’s ability to develop and sell its own resources. It is a team of those who have consistently put the rights of criminals ahead of victims, repeatedly blocking Conservative efforts to crack down on crime.

For example, Mr. Mulcair appointed Nathan Cullen as House Leader. During the recent leadership race, Mr. Cullen repeatedly called on the government to restrict natural resource development and he strongly opposes the Conservative government’s plan to streamline the review process for major economic projects…

Yet when it comes to developing Canada’s natural resources and opening up new export markets, Mr. Cullen prefers to let foreign-funded special interests hijack the process over job creation. Mr. Cullen clings to a strictly ideological position on natural resources and does not take into account the financial well being of workers and the economic growth tied to projects in this sector. His approach would result in a future with less government revenues available for important social programs and a less prosperous Canada.