Nanos Insperatus (34/31/18/6/11) -

Nanos Insperatus (34/31/18/6/11)


Well, thanks to CPAC and Peter Van Dusen, we knew we were going to see a three point spread, but still, I don’t think a “wow” would be entirely out of place here:

Conservatives: 34 (-)

Liberals: 31 (+2)

NDP: 18 (-2)

Greens: 6 (-)

Bloc Quebecois: 11 (-)

Undecided: 15 (-)

More from senior inside sources whose names may or may not rhyme with Glick Zanos.)

Oh, and from the Conservative War Room just now: “DION PLANS TO RAISE TAXES”. Are you even trying anymore, guys?