No need to RSVP

The networks have decided not to invite Elizabeth May to the leaders’ debates.

Ms. May was similarly not invited in 2008. At the time it was explained that three parties were prepared to boycott the debates if she was included, but Stephane Dion subsequently advocated on her behalf and the Bloc Quebecois said Gilles Duceppe would not avoid the debates if May was present. Jack Layton folded in short order and the Conservatives followed Mr. Layton. With none of the participants threatening to boycott proceedings, Ms. May was thus allowed to participate.

In this case, the broadcasters are said to have “unanimously decided they wanted to invite the four parties that have representation in the House.”

Update 9:08pm... Michael Ignatieff says she belongs in the debates. The NDP says it has no objection to her inclusion. The Conservatives and Bloc say they’ll abide by the consortium’s decision.

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