Northern Gateway: Prerequisites and pie charts -

Northern Gateway: Prerequisites and pie charts


BC Premier Christy Clark talks tough about the Northern Gateway pipeline.

“There is a risk to our environment and there is very little benefit to jobs and to our economy and to our province,” she said. “The balance isn’t there for British Columbia today and I don’t think British Columbians will want this project to go ahead until we can find that balance — unless we can find that balance.”

And her government follows that with a set of five prerequisites for pipeline construction—complete with some rather pointed pie charts. The last of those prerequisites is that “British Columbia receives a fair share of the fiscal and economic benefits of a proposed heavy oil project that reflects the level, degree and nature of the risk borne by the province, the environment and taxpayers.”

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Lake also said B.C. has “insufficient” information to support the Enbridge pipeline at this time, and the province would exercise its right to cross-examine Enbridge at upcoming federal hearings on the proposed pipeline.

B.C. Minister for Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Mary Polak said she was unaware of any First Nation in B.C. that supported the project, and it was clear they had real concerns about the project.

Meanwhile, Joe Oliver’s office has released a statement from the minister on “the Harper Government’s Commitment to the Responsible Development of Resources.”

“Our Government is committed to gaining access to fast-growing, emerging markets for Canada’s natural resources. This access will create hundreds of thousands of new, high-quality jobs and provide billions of dollars in Government revenue to pay for vital social programs right across this country. Jobs and economic growth benefiting all Canadians is our number one priority.

“An important step in achieving that prosperity for all Canadians is our Government’s Responsible Resource Development initiative. It enables the thorough and timely review of major resource projects and will ensure that Canada fully participates in the enormous potential of new markets in Asia and elsewhere for our energy and mining products.

“I can assure Canadians that under Responsible Resource Development, only projects that meet our rigorous environmental standards will go forward. Furthermore, our initiative will enhance Aboriginal consultation so that Aboriginal communities can participate in and benefit from resource development.

Our Government is determined that Canada seize today’s enormous opportunities in a careful and responsible manner for the benefit of Canadians now and in the future. We look forward to working with the provinces to secure the long-term prosperity of Canada.”