Not yet willing to let it go

Bill Siksay asked the government about Chuck Cadman this afternoon during QP. Pierre Poilievre was sent up to offer the official “no comment.”

The NDP’s Siksay did discuss the matter afterwards with reporters. Here’s the transcript.

Question: What were you hoping to hear about Mr. Cadman  What do you think of the answer and do you think there will ever be any answer out of these two organizations that have come to an out of court settlement?

Bill Siksay: Given the very serious allegations that came out during the Cadman affair, given that we were talking about allegations of attempting to bribe a Member of Parliament.  Given that there were allegations of altering audio tapes and altering evidence.   Given that the Prime Minister took the absolutely unprecedented step of launching a lawsuit against the official Opposition.  I think Canadians deserve an answer about why this has disappeared from the radar with this secret agreement and I hope the Conservatives and the Liberals will be more forthcoming than we saw today.

Question: How do you get an answer when it’s an out of court settlement and that was one of the conditions, supposedly, of the settlement?

Bill Siksay: Well, I hope they can take some initiative to negotiate something that would allow Canadians to get to the truth of what happened.  I mean, this place went wild with very, very serious allegations.  Probably the most serious kinds of allegations you could raise in this institution.  Now it looks like we’re not going to get answers to it.  I don’t think that’s acceptable to Canadians and I think the Liberals and the Conservatives need to find a way to be more forthcoming on this.