Oh, and just in case there was even a shadow of a doubt in anyone's mind ...

Of course I’ll be covering the Ethics committee this week — both days, gavel to gavel; from10am til 6pm – not including the two hour break for lunch and however many hours of Conservative-driven procedural shenanigans Paul Szabo can take before he starts cuts off government members’ microphones.

That, of course, could take up most of the morning — particularly if, as reported by La Presse, the Conservatives are planning to table a motion to broaden the inquiry to include the Bloc Quebecois as well — a gambit that will sound eerily familiar to anyone who has suffered through the last eleven months of filibustering.

The motion will fail, of course; the only question is how much time the chair will allow for debate before that happens. (ITQ’s guess: No more than two hours — in other words, until the lunch break, but no later.) Pierre Poilievre will once again attempt to convince his colleagues that the Bloc Quebecois invented the in and out scheme — not, he will note, that there’s anything wrong with that — as opposition MPs stare meaningfully at the clock, until finally, the chair holds the vote, the motion is resoundingly defeated and Russ Hiebert calls Szabo a fascist.  It’ll be just like old times, really – how could I miss out on that?

For a preview of what to expect, check out the ITQ Ethics committee liveblogging archives,  and I’ll meet you back here at 10am sharp.

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