Ottawa confronts the Paradise Papers: Live video

The House of Commons meets for the first time since a massive leak revealed thousands of Canadians were connected to offshore accounts—including Liberal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman

A Liberal government that campaigned on helping the middle class has recently found itself on the defensive, accused by critics of paying only lip service to its promises. That posture will continue in the House of Commons on the heels of a massive leak of offshore tax records that implicate some of the world’s most recognizable people—even Queen Elizabeth II’s name has come up. CBC and the Toronto Star have reported that thousands of Canadians are mentioned in the documents, and top Liberal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman has been linked to a Cayman Islands tax scheme.

Ottawa’s opposition parties are using the so-called Paradise Papers leak to their advantage. We’ll livestream question period at 2 p.m., and you can watch it here.

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