Pause for reflection -

Pause for reflection


The chief statistician is apparently in need of mulling.

The head of Statistics Canada says he’s “reflecting on his future” at the agency, the latest twist in the crisis over the government’s decision to scrub the mandatory long-form census.

Munir Sheikh issued an email to all agency staff today cancelling a planned town-hall meeting and saying he would comment soon — sparking speculation from insiders that he might resign. He added that he would get back to employees soon with a decision on his position and that of Statistics Canada.

By the authority of wire service headline writers, this census situation has now officially been elevated to “crisis.” Tony Clement had told the Globe that Mr. Sheikh would be issuing a statement today “to assure Canadians that Statscan is going to do its job,” and that that would be followed by a statement from the minister’s office expressing confidence in Statistics Canada.