Peggy Nash runs out of time -

Peggy Nash runs out of time


The unlucky teleprompter operator was scrolling fast through the prepared text, whole paragraphs whirring by on the large screens facing the stage. Preceded by a video and a half dozen endorsers, Ms. Nash was nearly out of time. And the person at the teleprompter controls was lost. And so Ms. Nash was winging it. She managed some criticism of the cynics and some talk of fighting for one’s rights despite such doubts, but then the pop music started to play, the NDP equivalent of the orchestra playing this acceptance speech to a conclusion.

Ms. Nash kept on. The music got louder. Ms. Nash searched for an end. The music got louder. “In 2015, we’ll give Stephen Harper the boot,” she declared. “Join me. Ensemble.” And with that her microphone seemed to stop working.

Her supporters still chanted her name. Her supporters, waving purple and orange circles, have been enthusiastic chanters all day. And here they kept on for awhile as the convention moved on.