Peter Penashue commences running

The re-election campaign begins before the by-election is called

With his last campaign’s ineligible donations paid off on March 4 and his resignation announced on March 14, but before a by-election has officially been called, Peter Penashue has begun his re-election campaign.

Kady O’Malley notes that Mr. Penashue’s campaign website was registered on March 11.

Interestingly, the domain was registered on March 11, 2013. Not only was that four days before Penashue’s resignation was ostensibly submitted, but it was also the very same day that he was in North West River to present $1.35 million in new federal funding for “broadband improvements,” which would turn out to be his final appearance before stepping down.

Whatever Mr. Penashue’s campaign does before the writ is dropped won’t be subject to spending limits. A source tells the Canadian Press that the Prime Minister will officially call a by-election in the the next two weeks.