Phone it in

The Canadian Red Cross has now made it easier than ever to donate money to the Haitian earthquake relief effort. Following on the example of their U.S. cousins, the CRC today announced a mechanism for donating to relief efforts through mobile-phone text message.

As of today, Canadians can donate to the Society via text messaging. Donors interested in this option must simply text REDCROSS to 30333 and a one-time donation of $5 for the Haiti Earthquake fund will be added to their mobile phone bill. The charge will be posted once the donor responds to a confirmation text. Text messaging donations are available in $5 increments.

Full details via the link. Even though this option wasn’t available before today, Canadians have been extraordinarily generous using the old-fashioned credit card, cash and cheque methods: the CRC reports it has raised $35.7 million in donations and $8.1 million in pledges, and of that amount, $14 million has already been contributed directly to the relief effort. On his website, the Prime Minister urges Canadians to “donate money — not clothing or food — to their preferred, experienced humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross.” Of course the Red Cross isn’t the only such organization, but it’s one I know and trusted with my donation.