Play the blues and go: Farewell, Steve Harper, we barely knew ye!

Inkless hopes to be on the Montreal-Ottawa train in an hour. Yes, I’m leaving the Harper tour, or it’s leaving me, eastward bound to Halifax or some such. For the next week, we’ll be based in Ottawa doing work that is harder to do on the land-scrum-file-fly schedule of a campaign. Readers of will, however, be able to get their trail mix from Aaron Wherry with the Jack Layton tour; and John Geddes, our newest little blogger (and so cute! And we’re so proud!) on the Dion campaign trail. I’ll keep blogging from Ottawa and, probably, occasional events in the Kingston-Montreal corridor.

In the meantime, from yet another fine edition of the Maclean’s print magazine publication thing, here’s the interview I did with the prime minister while his jet was speeding eastward from Winnipeg.

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