Politics on TV: Nishiyuu Walkers and panda diplomacy

The three things you need to see

Here are the three things you should not have missed:

  1. Nishiyuu Walkers
  2. Thomas Mulcair’s first year as leader
  3. Panda diplomacy

Nishiyuu Walkers:

After the young Cree walkers arrived on Parliament Hill after their trek from James Bay, Power & Politics spoke with an MP panel of Greg Rickford, Charlie Angus and Carolyn Bennett to discuss what it means. Rickford said that the government has common ground with those who aren’t content with how all levels of government aren’t working for them, and that they are taking steps in moving forward. Angus called the walkers “heroic” and said that their message was about creating a new relationship. Bennett noted that the government didn’t consult with First Nations or youth for the budget, and noted the oppositional language that the government employs when it comes to First Nations. Evan Solomon also spoke with Matthew Coon Come, Grand Chief of Northern Quebec, who said that this is about youth questioning the treatment of their people.

Thomas Mulcair:

Power Play had an interview with NDP leader Thomas Mulcair on the occasion of his first year as party leader. Mulcair spoke about the high quality of people in his caucus, and that he knows that the “malarkey” that goes on in Parliament doesn’t travel beyond the fishbowl of Ottawa. Mulcair said that there is more management involved with having a large caucus and staff than when the party was only a small group, and that they need to be more pragmatic with some things than they might have been when they were a smaller caucus. Mulcair also said that he’s aware that if Justin Trudeau wins the leadership he’ll get a bump in the polls, but it’s all part of a cycle.


After that pair of pandas arrived in Toronto today for the first five years of their stay, Don Martin spoke with the president of the Asia Pacific Foundation, Yuen Pao Woo, who said that the exercise is both symbolic of the warmth of the relationship, and substantive in the way that pandas help the two countries can get to know each other. He said that many Canadians are wary about China, and that the education process is crucial to deepen economic and political ties.

Worth Noting:

  • Jane Kittmer described her battle with the federal government over sickness benefits after she battled cancer during her maternity leave.