Politics on TV: Radicalization and pipelines

The three things you need to see

Here are the three things you should not have missed:

  1. Radicalized Canadians in Algeria
  2. Joe Oliver on Pipelines
  3. Jason Kenney on the new “Welcome to Canada” guide

Radicalized Canadians:

After the revelation of the identities of those Canadians killed in Algeria during the assault on the gas plant there, Power & Politics spoke with immigration minister Jason Kenney, who said that radicalization was hardly a new phenomenon, and pointed to the Toronto 18. Kenney said police and intelligence agencies have been effective with early interventions against radicalization, which are not publicized. Evan Solomon then spoke with MPs Paul Dewar and Francis Scarpaleggia, where Dewar said that Baird’s previous diplomatic blunders made him question how much the government was coordinating with intelligence agencies, and Scarpaleggia noted that they supported the requests for new measures by CSIS as part of the anti-terrorism bill that just passed. Power Play spoke with security analyst Robert Barrett, who said it wasn’t fair to say that CSIS dropped the ball with these two given the challenges of finding intelligence that would allow agencies to intervene.


Power Play spoke to natural resources minister Joe Oliver about his announcement supporting a west-east pipeline, as Oliver said that it was in the country’s best interest to get our resources to tidewater, be it via east, west and south routes. He said that any new pipeline would get a full independent, scientific review from the National Energy Board, and that the west-east route would require some 1400 km of new pipelines in addition to existing lines in place. With regards to the pipeline leak in Arkansas, Oliver pointed out that it was an unfortunate incident with a 60-year-old pipeline that just happened to be carrying Canadian crude, which is not any more corrosive than any other crude. In response, NDP MP Peter Julian said that a west-east pipeline makes more sense, unlike the Northern Gateway.

Welcome to Canada guide:

Don Martin spoke to immigration minister Jason Kenney about the new welcome guide for immigrants, which Kenney says is aimed at promoting rapid and successful social and economic integration. Kenney said that the guide provides advice on things like how to get housing, a driver’s licence, connecting with local service providers, and certification. Kenney added that it was done after consultation with immigrants, and includes lots of inspirational immigrant success stories.

Worth Noting: