Pro-life, but voting against Motion 312

Liberal MP Sean Casey says he’ll be voting no on Motion 312.

As a public figure, I naturally struggle when divisive issues are placed before Parliament. In this case, it is an issue that is deeply personal on both sides.

I am pro-life.

However, I have decided that my personal views will not come first. I listened to my constituents and will oppose Motion 312. This has not been an easy decision.

Since this motion was presented, several months ago, I have had countless discussions and correspondence with constituents. It is clear that the majority of residents in Charlottetown are opposed to this Motion and against reopening the debate on abortion.

I want to thank those who contacted me on both sides of the debate. I value debate in Canada and am grateful that the people of Charlottetown are engaged in public policy and political life.

I will vote against knowing some might view this as a compromise of my personal beliefs, but any judgements in that regard will be between me and my faith.

The CBC counts Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, Leon Benoit and Maurice Vellacott as supporting the motion.