Protecting the minister

Laura Payton obtains correspondence related to the Defence Minister’s helicopter ride.

An email from Col. Jeff Tasseron, one of Natynczyk’s senior advisers, describes a phone call he got from MacKay’s chief of staff, John MacDonell, about Reid’s support. Describing the phone call as “odd,” Tasseron says MacDonell wanted to make sure there was no retribution against Reid for defending MacKay. 

“He [MacDonell] also made sure I understood that they were dissatisfied that this individual only came out on his own recognizance, rather than as part of a concerted plan to defend the minister,” Tasseron wrote to Natynczyk. “He is clearly of the opinion that their own office’s handling of this was fine, and that it has been our lacklustre defence that has been the real problem,” Tasseron said in the email.

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