Federal election 2015

Quebec Tory candidate apologizes for attempted Nazi parallel

Mulcair says comments are a reflection of a Conservative tone in Quebec being fostered by Denis Lebel

    OTTAWA — A Conservative candidate in Quebec has apologized for a Facebook post that tried to draw a parallel between the words of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and comments attributed to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s infamous propaganda minister.

    In a now-deleted post from Aug. 16, Soheil Eid, Tory candidate for the riding of Joliette, wrote in French: “Mentez mentez, il en restera toujours quelque chose,” which translates as, “Lie lie and something will always remain.”

    In the post, Eid attempted to draw a line between the words of Goebbels and Mulcair’s public statements on the proposed Energy East pipeline project, which would pump oilsands crude from Alberta through Quebec to markets overseas.

    Eid claimed the NDP leader tells Albertans he supports the project while also telling Quebecers he would stop it.

    Mulcair has publicly stated several times during the election campaign that Energy East could be a boon for Canada, but he won’t make a decision on the project until after a robust and through environmental assessment.

    A Conservative spokesman apologized on behalf of Eid, saying his comments were “inappropriate,” but the party stopped short of dropping him as a candidate.

    Asked about the controversy Tuesday, Mulcair said Eid’s comments were a reflection of a Conservative tone in Quebec being fostered by Denis Lebel, Stephen Harper’s lieutenant in the province.

    Lebel has called Mulcair a “turncoat” and an “impostor” — language the NDP leader described as “demagogic.”

    “Denis Lebel is directly responsible for this situation,” Mulcair said.


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