Rapid-Fire Politics: MMIW, Budget 2016 and fighter jets

Follow along with speedy punditry on a national inquiry and uncertain budget plans

Sure, Donald Trump vs. The Pope has the potential to turn into a Marvel Comic film franchise to rival Batman vs. Superman, but that doesn’t mean it was the most important political event of the week.

Three moments in Canadian politics this week stood out to Evan Solomon and Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes. Watch as they make their latest attempt at rapid-fire politics.

1. MMIW. Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said that there were “way more” murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls than the 1200 the RCMP found in their 2014 report. Bennett is finishing a consultation period on the issue before launching a national Inquiry.

2. Budget Promises. The Liberals are hinting they won’t meet their annual deficit target, and their campaign promise for balance in four years has gone up in smoke. Where does that leave expectations for the coming federal budget?

3. Fighter jets. From reconsidering the purchase of the F-35 jet, something the Liberals ruled out in the campaign, to thinking about a bailout for Bombardier—where will Liberals find all the money?