Rebranding (I): The New Strong

Two days in and this is already a stupendously vapid Canadian federal election, even by the standards of… er… Canadian federal elections. Harper is already having trouble with the Frat Room, Dion is doing his best Elephant Man imitation (“I am not an intellectual… I am a Human Being!”), Liz May is trying to get the homeless hooked on organic produce, and Duceppe is calling out a Catholic Tory candidate for opposing abortion and gay marriage. 

Man alive. 

But what about Jack? Turns out, Jack’s got something to say. Unfortunately, he’s buried it on his facebook page, for reasons I won’t bother trying to sort out. It’s a great ad — punchy, clever, and self-aware in a way the NDP hasn’t been for decades —  and “The New Strong” is a slogan I could get behind. 

Now about those policies…

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