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Risk management


CP discovers concerns about another multi-billion-dollar defence purchase.

In a report likely to add more fuel to the fire over the multibillion-dollar military helicopter mess and the purchase of stealth fighters, the department’s Chief of Review Services found oversight lacking in the $3-billion Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue project…

The Forces’ own internal auditor warns it was on the same shaky ground as the helicopters. “Within each phase of DND risk management methodology, certain risk management practices were not in place in the project office,” said the May 2009 review, obtained by The Canadian Press under the federal access-to-information law.

On the F-35 debate, John Geddes has posted his conversation with Lieutenant-General Angus Watt. And to that you can add the views of former assistant deputy minister Alan Williams (at the 18-minute mark of that video) and Liberal senator Colin Kenny, not to mention the previous submissions of Steven Staples and Paul Mitchell.