Rona Ambrose says Trudeau should have pressed Obama on Keystone

Interim Conservative leader says Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr should have been along on the trip

Photograph by Blair Gable

Photograph by Blair Gable

MONTREAL — Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose is hoping Canada will receive some concrete benefits from the new relationship between Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama.

Ambrose says the prime minister did what he had to do during his visit to the U.S. capital last week.

But she said in Montreal today she was disappointed he didn’t take Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr with him to Washington.

Ambrose said Trudeau should have pressed Obama on the Keystone XL pipeline, which she said was rejected by the U.S. president for political reasons rather than scientific ones.

She also criticized the government for its reported decision to run larger annual deficits than the $10-billion cap Trudeau promised during the fall election campaign.

Ambrose said when the government tables its budget March 22, annual deficits could top $30 billion.