Ryan Dolby turns himself into an analogy

Ryan Dolby, the NDP candidate in Elgin-Middlesex-London, has stepped down, apparently out of fear of splitting the vote.

“I think it’s the best decision on behalf of my family, my community, and my country to do whatever I can to make sure there isn’t a Conservative victory, especially in this riding,” he said.“I want to make sure we get a progressive MP — one that cares about improvements to Canada Pension Plan, improvements to employment insurance, believes in democracy instead of contempt, and believes in sustainable job creation instead of building more prisons.”“I know Graham Warwick has the same values that I do.”

The Conservative incumbent is predictably crying coalition, but the NDP says there will be a new candidate in short order.

The Liberals last won the riding (narrowly) in 2000. If you combined the votes received by Mr. Dolby and the Liberal candidate in 2008, Conservative Joe Preston would have still won (albeit narrowly): 22,970 to 20,304.

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