Safer, but not safe

Conservative MP Guy Lauzon writes to his constituents about the latest crime statistics.

Last week Statistics Canada reported 2011 overall crime rates were down 6% over the previous year. This report is being welcomed as very good news. Any time crime rates are decreasing we should celebrate. However these statistics are only part of the story. Statistics also show that crime has increased 200% since 1962. This is a very alarming reality. We’ve gone from not locking our doors to needing state of the art security systems to protect ourselves and our possessions. Serious crimes like homicide and sexual offences against children are actually going up. For example child pornography went up an astounding 40%. That is why our Government recently passed the Safe Streets and Communities Act which increases penalties for sexual offences against children.

Some feel our Government is being too tough on crime. When we see statistics like those above, I don’t believe we are. By putting the bad guys in jail and keeping them there longer, we are preventing them from committing more crimes. We are stopping the revolving door of the criminal justice system. It appears our legislation is working. Undoubtedly there is much more to do, but a reduction of 6% in the overall crime rate is a step in the right direction. Our Government will continue to work to keep Canadian streets, communities and families safe.

Statistics Canada said that “fluctuations in the rate of child pornography are likely reflective of police-based programs and initiatives targeting this particular offence.”