Second-hand Stephen Harper on #IdleNoMore -

Second-hand Stephen Harper on #IdleNoMore


APTN obtains notes taken during the Prime Minister’s meeting with First Nations leaders earlier this month.

Harper also discussed Idle No More, according to the notes, and said the general Canadian public was not supporting it. “Idle No More presents two realities. The first is the pressure felt by first Nations leaders. The second is the negative public reaction that this invokes,” according to notes on Harper’s statements during the meeting.

It also turns out that the Prime Minister is rather poetic behind closed doors.

The prime minister, however, told the gathered chiefs the relation between First Nations and Canada was essential for the country. “Our relationship lies at the heart of this country,” according to notes on Harper. “River analogy: moving down the river together-respectfully paddling in the same direction but must watch we do not get caught in the eddies.”