See them in September

The House adopts motion on MP expenses before adjourning

The House of Commons adjourned last night for the summer break, but as part of the agreement to do so, the House approved the NDP’s motion to have the Procedure and House Affairs committee study an overhaul of the oversight of MP expenses.

The House also managed to establish Sable Island as a national park after some bi-partisan maneuvering.

It became a waiting game. May guarded the House to make sure no further fast-tracking motions were proposed. When she left for a meeting, Plamondon covered for her. The two have done this for each other in the past.

Other MPs knew it, and when Plamondon ducked into the lobby for a moment, Conservative MP Mike Wallace quickly proposed another motion to move up the Sable vote. With May and Plamondon absent, it received unanimous consent. The bill received final approval just before the House rose for the summer break Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, Devinder Shory’s bill was returned to the House without Jason Kenney’s amendments.

The Senate will sit awhile longer and the Globe reports that Russ Hiebert’s bill on union disclosure might be amended by Conservative senators.