Senator Patterson is late for a meeting

And the Prime Minister didn't look that closely at Senator Wallin's expenses

CTV and the Star have video of a senator in flight. (The Star has now upgraded this whole affair to a “crisis.”)

Thomas Mulcair yesterday tried to pin particular responsibility for Senator Pamela Wallin’s expenses on the Prime Minister. Last week, Mr. Harper said he had “looked at the numbers” in terms of Senator Wallin and her travel costs were comparable to other Parliamentarians. Now it is being reported that Senator Wallin has reimbursed some of her expenses, although it’s not clear what expenses those were or how much. Mr. Harper’s office says the Prime Minister’s comments were not meant to suggest he had personally reviewed or approved Senator Wallin’s expenses. Be that as it may, the Canadian Press now reports that the Prime Minister has “muted” his defence of Senator Wallin.

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