'So misinformed'

In this new era of ministerial accountability, Senator James Cowan wrote to the Prime Minister last week to lament that Mr. Harper’s spokesman had publicly misstated the record of this Senate—and to explain exactly which pieces of legislation the upper chamber has passed this session. Mr. Cowan then pressed the matter at the Senate’s QP, eliciting the following from Senator Marjory LeBreton, government leader in the Senate.

I thank Senator Cowan for the question. I saw the article in La Presse yesterday and wondered how Mr. Soudas could be so misinformed about the work of the Senate. I raised the matter with colleagues in cabinet and in caucus. They acknowledged the great work done in the Senate and that more government bills have passed the Senate than the House of Commons. They are well aware of this effort. I have not had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Soudas and I regret that he was so misinformed. When I do speak to him directly, I intend to report that fact to him.