Jim Flaherty funeral draws extraordinary week of remembrance to a close

Soundslide: A final farewell to Jim Flaherty

Photo and audio highlights from the funeral of the former Finance Minister


“On behalf of a grateful country, we thank you,” Stephen Harper said during his tribute to Jim Flaherty on Wednesday afternoon in Toronto. The Prime Minister was among the 1,100 at St. James Cathedral for the funeral of the former finance minister.

Flaherty’s wife, Christine Elliott, and two of their sons gave tributes, as did his sister Norah, who revealed that he was known to the family as “Jimmy, Jimbo and Zoomy.”

Green purses, green scarves and green lighting inside the cathedral gave a nod to a man who was fiercely proud of his Irish heritage, and was known for sporting green ties.

Here are photo and audio highlights of the afternoon:

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