Story time

Also from Ignatieff’s post-QP scrum.

Question: What about the fact that Mark Carney (inaudible)

Michael Ignatieff: What about the fact?

Question: economic forecast was changed so drastically since January?  What does that mean to you?  It’s a completely different picture than he painted a month and a half ago.

Michael Ignatieff: I have great respect for Mark Carney and I’m not going to second guess his, his, his forecast.  What I am second guessing is the Prime Minister’s forecast.  One day he talks depression, one day he talks recession, next day he talks cyclical downturn.  One of the functions of leadership in a Prime Minister is to give us a story.  Politicians are storytellers.  What story’s this guy telling us?  My problem is not with Mr. Carney, my problem is with the Prime Minister of Canada.