Strategic Review: Save a half a billion dollars by not cutting things!

Now it is Human Resources and Skills Development Canada’s turn. This arrived yesterday from Phil Harwood at Minister Diane Finley’s office:

HRSDC’s strategic review did not include transfers to individuals such as Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance or the Universal Child Care Benefit. Nor will the review affect front-line services to Canadians.

The purpose of HRSDC’s strategic review was to identify ways in which the Department could focus on its core tasks, continue to modernize services to Canadians, and operate more efficiently.

Our Government is committed to ensuring that taxpayer dollars are used effectively, responsibly and provide concrete results. Canadians work hard for their money and they expect their government to use it wisely. At a time when Canadians are concerned about balancing their own pocketbooks, they want to know government is doing the same.

My reply:

Hi Phil. Thanks for this. It’ll be useful.

I have to ask, though: the Canadians I talk to aren’t just interested in knowing THAT the government is balancing its books, they’d like to know HOW. You’ve identified a bunch of stuff you WON’T be doing to save more than half a billion dollars over three years. What are you doing? What’s being cut? I did not think it was a difficult question.

Thanks pw



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