Studying C-38

As the budget implementation act makes it way through the finance committee, transcripts of the proceedings are finding their way online.

On May 15, the finance committee questioned the Finance Minister and studied Part 1 of the bill, which “implements certain income tax measures and related measures proposed in the March 29, 2012 budget.”

On May 16, the committee completed its discussion of Part 1 and moved on to Part 2, which “amends the Excise Tax Act to implement certain excise tax and goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) measures proposed in the March 29, 2012 Budget.” It then moved on to Divisions 1 (Auditor General), 2 (life-annuity-like products), 10 (financial institutions), 11 (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), 16 (Currency Act) and 30 (Pension Benefits Standards Act) of Part 4.

On the morning of May 17, the committee moved on to Divisions 3 (PPP Canada Inc), 4 (territorial borrowing limits), 5 (reporting requirements), 6 (Social Security Tribunal and Service Delivery), 7 (Consolidation of Privacy Codes), 8 (Social Insurance Number Cards), 9 (Parks Canada) and 12 (Integrated Cross-Border Law Enforcement Operations Act) of Part 4.

That afternoon, the committee reconvened to study Divisions 13 (Bretton Woods and Related Agreements Act), 14 (Canada Health Act), 15 (Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act), 17 (Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act), 18 (Fisheries Act), 19 (Food and Drugs Act), 20 (Government Employees Compensation Act), 21 (International Development Research Centre Act), 22 (Canada Labour Code), 24 (Old Age Security Act), 25 (Salaries Act), 26 (Seeds Act), 27 (Statutory Instruments Act), 28 (Investment Canada Act), 29 (Customs Act) and 30 (Pension Benefits Standards Act) of Part 4.