Take that, Potter! Latest numbers from Harris Decima - 37/24/16/12/9

Regional and other breakdowns here. A teaser:

  • In Ontario, the Conservatives have 37%, the Liberals 33%, the NDP 15% and the Greens
  • In Quebec, the BQ shows some signs of recovering lost ground and stands at 37%, the
    Conservatives follow with 23%, the Liberals at 16%, the NDP 14% and the Greens at 9%.
  • In Atlantic Canada, the Liberals have 35%, the NDP 28%, the Conservatives 26% and the
    Green Party 8%.
  • In British Columbia, the Conservatives lead with 37%, followed by the NDP with 26%, the
    Greens at 19% and the Liberals at 15%.

For comparison, the latest breakdown from Nanos:

  • In Ontario, the Liberals and Conservatives are now tied at 37, with NDP at 19 and the Greens at 8
  • Meanwhile, in Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois jumped six points overnight, and now sit at 40 with the Conservatives down for at 23, NDP ahead of the Liberals with18, Liberals at 14 and the Greens at 5
  • Atlantic Canada: Conservatives at 37, Liberals at 30, NDP at 29 and 5 for the Greens
  • No separate data for British Columbia, but in Western Canada, the Conservatives have more than double the support of the next highest party, with 47, compared with 23 for the Liberals, 21 for the NDP and the Greens at 8
  • The number of undecided voters has fallen to 16 as of yesterday.

UPDATE: Yikes! I accidentally attributed this poll to Angus Reid, not Harris Decima. I blame society. Sorry about that, everyone.

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