Tea leaf reading starts here

The Conservative share of the popular vote was three to four per cent higher than most of the last-round polls suggested. This will allow me to lord it over two of your other favourite bloggers for a while. But it raises an interesting question: Why? A few possible answers:

(a) The Conservative vote kept rising over the weekend

(b) Much like (a), but with an explanation: Thanksgiving Family Dynamics

(c) The Conservative get-out-the-vote mechanics are hugely better than their equivalents in other parties

(d) The question is meaningless as all the polls were within the margin of error, and it’s mere coincidence that the meaningless differences were all on the same side.

I give some credence to all of these answers, except (d). You may have your own theories. Discuss. Oh, and folks? I’ll be paying close attention to see whether I was hasty in threatening to shut down the comment boards here on Inkless.

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