Team Mulcair -

Team Mulcair


The NDP shadow cabinet, as announced this evening by Thomas Mulcair.

Tom Mulcair Leader of the Official Opposition, Intergovernmental Affairs
Libby Davies Deputy Leader, Health
David Christopherson Deputy Leader
Megan Leslie Deputy Leader, Environment
Nathan Cullen House Leader
Sadia Groguhé Deputy House Leader, Deputy Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism
Nycole Turmel Whip
Phil Toone Deputy Whip, Deputy Fisheries (East Coast)

Malcolm Allen Agriculture
Charlie Angus Ethics, ATI and Privacy
Niki Ashton Women
Dennis Bevington Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency
Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe Seniors
Françoise Boivin Justice
Charmaine Borg Digital Issues
Alexandre Boulerice Labour, Deputy Ethics, ATI and Privacy
Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet Housing, Deputy Human Resources and Skills Development
Chris Charlton Human Resources and Skills Development
Robert Chisholm Fisheries, Atlantic Gateway, Deputy Intergovernmental Affairs
Olivia Chow Transport, Infrastructure and Communities
Ryan Cleary Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Post Secondary Education
Joe Comartin Democratic Reform
Jean Crowder Aboriginal Affairs
Don Davies International Trade
Anne-Marie Day Employment Insurance
Paul Dewar Foreign Affairs
Pierre Dionne Labelle Francophonie
Fin Donnelly Western Economic Diversification Canada, Deputy Fisheries (West Coast)
Linda Duncan Public Works and Government Services
Matthew Dubé Sport
Peter Julian Energy and Natural Resources
Randall Garrison Public Safety, LGBTT
Yvon Godin Official Languages
Jack Harris Defence
Matthew Kellway Military Procurement
François Lapointe Small Business and Tourism
Hélène Laverdière Americas and Consular Affairs
Hélène LeBlanc Industry
Hoang Mai National Revenue
Irene Mathyssen Pensions
Wayne Marston Human Rights, Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Pat Martin Canadian Wheat Board
Brian Masse Canada-US Border, Ontario-Quebec Continental Gateway
Peggy Nash Finance
Pierre Nantel Heritage
Manon Perreault Disability Issues
John Rafferty Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario
Mathieu Ravignat Treasury Board
Jean Rousseau Economic Development Agency for the Regions of Quebec
Romeo Saganash International Development, Deputy International Trade
Jasbir Sandhu Asia-Pacific Gateway
Jinny Sims Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism
Kennedy Stewart Science and Technology
Peter Stoffer Veterans
Glenn Thibeault Consumer Protection

Robert Aubin Deputy Transport, Infrastructure and Communities
Paulina Ayala Deputy Americas and Consular Affairs
Tyrone Benskin Deputy Official Languages
Denis Blanchette Deputy Public Works and Government Services
Ruth Ellen Brosseau Deputy Agriculture
Guy Caron Deputy Finance
Andrew Cash Deputy Heritage
Sylvain Chicoine Deputy Veterans
Rosane Doré Lefebvre Deputy Public Safety
Jonathan Genest-Jourdain Deputy Aboriginal Affairs
Dan Harris Deputy Industry
Carole Hughes Deputy Aboriginal Health
Anne Minh-Thu Quach Deputy Environment
Alexandrine Latendresse Deputy Democratic Reform
Laurin Liu Deputy Science and Technology
Christine Moore Deputy Defence
Dany Morin Deputy LGBTT
Jamie Nicholls Deputy Natural Resources
Annick Papillon Deputy Consumer Protection
Ève Péclet Deputy Foreign Affairs
Craig Scott Deputy Justice
Djaouida Sellah Deputy Health
Mike Sullivan Deputy Housing, Deputy Disability Issues