Tease the day: Sandy's not the only news in town

Nick Taylor-Vaisey on what made headlines — and what's about to

If you’re not thinking about strong winds and heavy rain this morning, odds are you’re in the minority. News media have kindly helped us ponder worst-case scenarios for Hurricane Sandy’s potential impact on our lives. The key word, of course, is potential. Nevertheless, it’s a serious storm that’s had serious consequences already, and newspapers this morning aren’t letting us forget that. There are other headlines, to be sure, including the Toronto Star’s serious look at what Health Canada is—or, more appropriately, isn’t—doing to investigate complaints filed by Canadians about potentially severe side effects caused by prescription drugs.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with the eastern seaboard’s collective “bracing” for days of windy, wet weather. So does the National Post. So does the Toronto Star. So does the Ottawa Citizen. Leave it to iPolitics to talk about foreign investment; specifically, the news that Petronas isn’t giving up on its attempted takeover of Progress Energy. National Newswatch fronts Maygan Sensenberger’s attempt to not be labelled “crazy Air Canada lady.”

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Free trade with Japan. The government’s set to announce free-trade talks with Japan will start in November. 3. Hiring veterans. Veterans given hiring preference in the public service are being “squeezed out” by surplus federal employees.
2. Gun registry savings. The feds can’t explain how much money the repeal of the federal long-gun registry will save Canadian taxpayers. 4. Military readiness. Cuts at the Department of National Defence could have an impact on the forces’ operational readiness.

Scorecard for yesterday’s Tease: I don’t know why I thought the Clarity Act would have any significance on Parliament Hill last Friday. Instead, questions about the government’s omnibus legislation—surprise!—dominated Question Period.