On the occasion of the year’s end, a short note of thanks.

Thanks to all the readers, commenters, aggregators, bloggers, tweeters, retweeters, peers, fans and critics who have been part of this blog’s last 12 months. Five years after this blog began, the pageview total for 2012 will be about four times the total for 2008. This year set another annual record—surpassing last year’s mark—with six new monthly records contained therein.

I am incredibly humbled. It is a pleasure and an honour to write about what I write about for a living and it is a gift to be read.

And on that note, I’m talking some time off. There’ll be a few things here between today and December 31 to mark the end of 2012. Regular programming for 2013 will resume on January 7.

My best to you and yours.