The Backbench Top Ten -

The Backbench Top Ten


Our weekly, and wholly arbitrary, ranking of the ten most worthy, or at least entertaining, MPs, excluding the Prime Minister, cabinet members and party leaders. A celebration of all that is great and ridiculous about the House of Commons. Last week’s rankings appear in parentheses.

1. Michael Chong (1)
2. Jack Harris (2)
3. Maxime Bernier (3)
The conservative dream circa October 2010: Prime Minister Rob Ford, Finance Minister Maxime Bernier.
4. Ralph Goodale (-)
The defining statement of a 30-year political career: “I am not a pirate … neither am I an alien transformer, a vampire or a werewolf.”
5. Carolyn Bennett (6)
When she’s not revolutionizing democracy, she builds well-dressed scarecrows.
6. Scott Brison (4)

7. Candice Hoeppner (5)
8. Justin Trudeau (-)
The first serious issue of Mr. Trudeau’s turn as a politician will, of course, be a debate over human rights and the Charter.
9. Mark Holland (7)
10. Ken Dryden (-)
The only politician in the land inspirational enough to unite our disparate celebrity voices. Possibly the only thing Sarah Polley and Don Cherry agree on.

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