The Backbench Top Ten

Our weekly, and wholly arbitrary, ranking of the ten most worthy, or at least entertaining, MPs, excluding the Prime Minister, cabinet members and party leaders. A celebration of all that is great and ridiculous about the House of Commons. Last week’s rankings appear in parentheses.

1. Francine Lalonde (1)
2. Shelly Glover (2)
You have to appreciate anyone in this government who is willing to explain themselves. Not the highest of bars to leap over, but there you go.
3. Daniel Paille (3)
4. Jack Harris (2)
5. Pat Martin (-)
The NDP’s most-excitable mind assesses the fall of Helena Guergis. “This is huge. There has got be something really serious under foot here … for Harper to distance himself in an extreme and extraordinary way. This is not just a resignation, it’s political hara-kiri. Falling on your sword is one thing, but when you disembowel yourself, it’s something else.” That last sentence is profound.
6. Bob Rae (5)
7. Joe Comartin (6)
A note to Mr. Comartin’s wife. “It’s a government (email) address, paid for by the government, by taxpayers, and it’s a facility that the spouse should not be using, nor should a Member of Parliament, for personal financial gain. It’s bad decision making on her part. I wouldn’t allow my wife to do that.” Sorry, Mrs. Comartin.
8. Derek Lee (8)
9. Maxime Bernier (9)
10. Helena Guergis (-)
Officially an independent MP and unofficially free of any hope of ever again being in cabinet. Now is the time to go maverick.

Previous rankings: March 12March 19. April 3.

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